“This is powerful! Not only does Rochelle Okoye convey the importance of self-love and knowing when and how to do it, she shows you how to own your power and utilize your strengths. This book only further proves how unquestionable her brilliance and wisdom is!”

- Alexandra Shipp, Actress, “Storm” on X-Men

Rochelle Okoye’s story is one of sheer perseverance and determination. Her ability to hold on to her power and overcome her greatest obstacles is an inspiring look at what it means to keep striving against all odds. ‘With Every Damn Brick’ is a truly beautiful book sure to invoke the fighter in all of us.”

- Candice Patton, Actress, “Iris West” on The Flash

“An inspirational story by an absolutely inspiring author. Rochelle Okoye embodies strength, courage and dedication. She shows us the importance of staying true to yourself through all the adversities life throws at you. This book will impact so many individuals on the path to self-betterment and self-love!"

- Helia Moghaddam, TedX organizer



This is the most beautiful and encouraging book I have read in a long, long time!! Each chapter is so incredibly well-written, and so full of inspiration and powerful truths!! I just can't thank each of these authors enough for letting us peer through the windows of these sacred stories of their lives. Most definitely a book to keep close by for whenever a dose of comfort or courage is needed ~ and to be reminded that each one of us really can shine, no matter the adversity or hardship we've had to face!! 

5.0 out of 5.0 Stars

By Amazon Customer



Rochelle Okoye is a best-selling Author, Professional Hollywood Stunt Woman and Actress and Co-Owner of Tristar Vancouver Martial Arts. Rochelle is best known for her roles alongside some of Hollywood’s biggest names. She is one of the industry’s most well known Stunt women and Actresses with over 100 credits to her name. See her IMDB profile here.  Some of her major motion feature roles include:

starring as Storm’s Stunt Double and Famine in the X-men Franchise

  • Dead pool

  • Twilight

  • War for Planet of the Apes

  • Underworld

  • The Predator

  • … just to name a few. She's worked on countless TV shows, acting and stunt doubling such as:

  • Arrow

  • Supergirl

  • The Flash

  • The 100

  • Wayward Pines

  • Unreal

  • Travelers

  • The Crossing


    …and many more.

Rochelle teaches film fighting to aspiring actors across the country in workshops, classes, seminars and private training sessions and has been the featured model for various international brand companies such as Lululemon and the Steve Nash Fitness World Franchise.

Rochelle has been featured in the 'Variety: Below the Line Impact Report,'  as well as featured in various international articles and interviews. She has been asked to speak to thousands of youth across America and Canada on the importance of following your dreams and overcoming adversity.

Rochelle attained a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from the University of Northern British Columbia in 2006. She graduated among her peers a year early, both at high school and University.  After completion of her degree and graduation, Rochelle worked with and counseled children and youth with developmental disabilities, mental illnesses and behavioral issues in and outside the school system for several years.

Rochelle fulfilled a very successful 13 year international gymnastic career from a young age while growing up. She was nominated and awarded for the Top Sports Person in the UK for her age Category, two years in a row. She was the 3x National Great Britain Gymnastic Champion and Rochelle was also a 2000 Olympic hopeful, where her goals fell shy due to the International Gymnastic Federation (FIG) rule change.  And at the very young age of 13, the BBC filmed and aired a Documentary on her gymnastics goals of reaching the 2000 Olympics called, 'Going for Gold'.

In an effort to keep challenging herself physically and mentally, Rochelle journeyed into the world of martial arts; training and competing in the disciplines of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu,  Muay Thai and fulfilling an amateur and professional Boxing career. Rochelle also attained a Personal Training Diploma and began helping others achieve their fitness goals.  Rochelle is now the co-owner of a successful and very well known MMA gym located in Vancouver, BC, Canada known as, Tristar Vancouver Martial Arts. It is home to some of Canada’s greatest MMA talent and home to UFC athletes and National Champions. Tristar Vancouver Martial Arts is also the National Training Center for the Canadian National MMA team.


After a life filled with painful challenges, hardships and adversity, Rochelle has found an inner power and formula to not only overcome but to succeed on a scale most foresee as unattainable. Rochelle has acquired wisdom and knowledge that can only be gained through a life of experience and through that she believes has a responsibility and calling to give back and help others on their journey. Rochelle helps heal and motivate others to strive for what they want and attain it no matter how big the dream and no matter how dark the path or past. She teaches others that there is beauty in pain and that light can only be understood through the wisdom of darkness… through deep introspection and self love, we are all capable of becoming the best versions of ourselves.



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